Camping De La Bien Assise
D 231 62340 GUINES
Tél +33 (0)3 21 35 20 77

Opening dates

Our hotel restaurant is open all year

Except from the 20th of December to the 20th January

A peaceful night and a taste of France 

Our Hotel Restaurant welcomes you in a relaxed and modern atmosphere. The Restaurant is closed in low season Saturday lunch, Sunday evening and Monday all day.

Our menu offers a large choice of food and drinks, from our 'Menu of the Day' to our more sophisticated 'Menu Gourmand'.

The Hotel welcomes you in its fully equipped rooms, for just one night or maybe more!

Protecting the earth for future generations

Our Hotel Restaurant is committed to using electricity produced by respecting the environment and makes sure that 100 MWh comes from renewable energy sources and is produced without direct emission of CO2.

We are committed to offering fish selected by the "Mr Goodfish" label. This means that we buy seasonal fish, so that the ocean can renew its production all year. It is also preferable to eat fish caught locally to vary the different species so not to apply pressure on the fish population.

We apply the same procedure for fruit and vegetables: buy local and seasonal to reduce the environmental impact.

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